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Austin's Most Experienced Designer FOR MEN.



" Dear Gary,

I just celebrated my 4 year anniversary with your company and I want you to know that I am still 100% satisfied with the service and staff. I am very pleased with the way I look and I have absolutely no regrets for leaving Hair Club after being with them for over 20 years. In fact, if anyone is “on the fence” about making the switch to your company, my advice is to shop around and go online and take a good look at the reviews. You'll quickly see that bigger isn't always better and that was certainly the case with the service and products I received at Hair Club. I've learned many things about hair replacement since making the switch to your company, especially the fact that not all hair systems are the same! I had no idea I wasn't getting a 100% custom designed system like I do here! I thought I was especially since they cost so much more! Another benefit I love about being a Hair of the Arts client is that I can communicate directly with you, the owner of the company if I need to. I also appreciate the fact that you're always keeping abreast of the latest developments in hair restoration and that you and your staff give honest advice about each of the products. I never feel like I'm being “sold” over here like I did when I was at Hair Club. I'm confident that I'm getting the best product and service for me. Thank you once again for creating a top-notch organization and I look forward to many more years as Hair of the Arts client! "

***** Alex G., Client / Former Hair-Club Client.
Business Executive  



" Dear Gary,

I'm writing this letter to let you know that I am a very satisfied client. Thank-You for putting together a wonderful and attentive team whose obvious priority is customer satisfaction. 

As you know, I was a client of Hair Club For Men & Women for over 20 years in three different cities. When I moved to Austin I naturally continued my services with the local Hair Club. Well after one year of substandard service and constant sales pressure I decided to give your company a try and I'm so glad I did.

Here's what I love about the way you guys do business at DHC and why I left Hair Club: 

Outstanding Service- anyone can sell you a hair-replacement solution, but only a highly trained and experienced stylist can make you look your best. Take it from a 20 year veteran, you've got the most experienced and artistically inclined stylists I've ever worked with. Their attention to detail and relentless pursuit of perfection is a breath of fresh air for me. I absolutely love their work and the end results. 

No Sales Pressure- When I come in for service and a haircut , I don't expect to be bombarded with a sales pitch as to why I need to "upgrade" my system and spend more money each month. This is what they do at Hair Club.I appreciate the fact that there is absolutely no sales pressure at your company. None.Zero.Zilch. 

The Best Program Around- Before leaving Hair Club, I did quite a bit of research on hair-replacement companies and solutions in and around the Austin area. What I like about your company is the fact that you get the Best Technology and Options all Upfront and for Less Money. I like that I can tailor your program to meet my needs and try different technologies as I see fit instead of having to pay more money each month in order to "qualify" for Better Technology like they do at Hair Club. 

And finally, I like the fact that I'm dealing with people at DHC who actually understand what it's like to be a hair-replacement client because you guys wear hair as well. To me, that's a major advantage over someone who's selling a product They Don't Actually Use. 

Gary, my only regret is that I didn't make the switch sooner." 


***** Alex G., Client / Former Hair-Club Client.
Business Executive




Just wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU. It is a pleasure to work with you and your crew. Thank you for taking the time I needed to decide on your system. I was never pressured and you were there when I was ready to "go for it". 

***** Bill Z., Austin, Texas 
Business Executive



"Dear Gary:

Just a short note to ' thank-you ' for working so well with me during my last visit. I have always read the guarantee that you have stated, but never really thought too much about it. I have never had to because your service is always outstanding...and it continues to be so. I was not completely comfortable with the grey color percentage during my last visit...and you immediately came to my rescue and made me feel very GUARANTEED your product and service and fixed the problem. I have thought about what to say to convey my thanks..and the best words are THANK-YOU! 

I will be happy to recommend your service to anyone. " 

Best Regards, 

***** Steve S., Waco, Texas 
Business Executive




Having been a member of "DHC" for many years, I want to thank-you for the great service and products you have provided. 

The most recent "NHI" Technology is absolutely fantastic. The feel, color, and styling is as close to my own natural hair as can be. 

I highly recommend this Technology. It is by far the best to-date! Thanks again for treating me as a valued customer over the years.

I look forward to many more! " 

***** UJ, B., Austin, Texas 
Telecom Technician



"Dear Gary: 

I want to thank you for your Excellent service and attention to detail. Since joining your group, I have been extremely pleased both with the Excellent product as well as your great people! 

Everyone is very friendly and do a great job. It has been a welcomed experience from my previous experience with " the Hair-Club " which was my first experience. They had left me very discouraged but luckily I found your group. Keep up the great work." 

***** Rick B., Client / Former Hair-Club Client.
Certified Public Accountant 



"I have been wearing conventional hairpieces for 25 years..tried them all. The real problem with conventional hairpieces is the front hairline; no way to achieve the Natural-look if you wanted to comb your hair straight back..... No way until I tried Gary's unique hair system. Even upon close inspection, the hair along the front hairline appears to be growing out of the scalp. This remarkable process enables me to sleep... shower ... exercise... swim ! Let Gary Aquino show you a hair system that is both natural and rugged. Take it from someone who has 'been there and done that'. Gary has the Best Natural Hair System going!" 

***** Al R., Austin, Texas 
Engineer / Executive



"Gary's attitude is the same sense of professionalism as a fine tailor. Unlike the attitude in many Hair Replacement establishments, there is no pressure on the customer. I feel like I have my hair back ! Gary's Hair Stylists are first class and always in touch with the latest industry developments." 

***** Pete S., Austin, Texas 




"I sincerely would like to take this opportunity to commend and thank-you, and your staff for the quality of services, professionalism, and caring spirit demonstrated to me over the past years. When I was embarking on finding a new hair-replacement company, I mapped out a list of three places to visit. I wanted to evaluate three establishments before making a decision and commitment. This was a very important matter to me, of both aesthetic and financial proportions. However, it became evident in my initial consultation with you, that you and DHC were not only an excellent establishment, but an "exceptional " one. It wasn't difficult to assess, especially after years of purchasing goods and services. An exceptional business stands right out both on it's own merits and by comparison. You had a wonderful personality, while maintaining a high standard of professionalism. You took time with me, which did not include any pressure of any kind. You treated me with respect, and yet, provided me with all the information that a person would need to make an intelligent decision in this field. In fact, you demonstrated the kind of quality that I still believed in and which was lacking in today's world. I have been a Member for a number of years, have worked with you and your staff, and noticed that all consistently put forth extra effort, are excellent communicators, have friendly personalities, and have demonstrated an interest in me, my concerns and feelings on various matters. I can not fully express to you how much I appreciate the way you and your staff have taken care of me. By the way, I never made it to the second or third establishments, since I realized then, and that which has been confirmed now, YOU ARE THE BEST . " 

***** Phil P., Austin, TX 



Dear Gary, 

I would like to express my gratitude to you for all you did to expedite my last order. When I was dissatisfied with the first order , you went "above and beyond" to ensure it was remade to my specifications and completed within the time frame I needed. You certainly didn't have to do that...but please know how much I appreciate that you did. I am extremely grateful for all you did to make it happen. Thank-you so much for your professional and effective help and for the high quality of product you provide. 

I would also like to commend Kelly for her patience , efficiency, expertise, and altogether agreeable and delightful demeanor during the whole process. Kelly is a valuable asset to your organization, and she is truly one of the most wonderful people I know. I look forward to seeing her each month. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart to both of you. " 

***** Sandy D., Austin, Texas 



" Dear Gary, 

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your product. Not only am I completely satisfied with your product, but also with your service and stylists there. I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to you for being so honest and straightforward with me. Thanks Gary."

***** Howard B., Austin, TX. 

Financial Administrator 



" Dear Gary, 

The change in my appearance and my outlook on life has been tremendous. Not only do I look

better, I feel better about myself- more self-confident, etc. I sincerely appreciate your help and your

honesty. I would recommend your product... Not only is it Totally Undetectable - It Is Fun to have

something to comb again. I have already referred you to '3' other men. Thanks Again! " 

***** Bill D., Austin, Tx. 

Market Analyst









***** Mark B .  

Knowing that I didn’t want hair implants, and after having read a multitude of negative reviews about the hair restoration chains, I went to a locally owned hair salon. It turned out to be a bad experience, so with trepidation, I went to Aquino’s Designer Hair Club (Now Hair of the Arts) and was very pleasantly surprised and very glad I did. Gary and his entire staff are extremely knowledgeable and professional, and  am more than satisfied with my new hair system. If it were possible, I’d give Hair of the Arts 10 stars!





I have been a customer for over 25 years and have always felt I was being taken care of and treated as a customer should be treated. From Gary to the staff over the years -- customer satisfaction has been their number one concern.



***** KeepAustinWeird  


I have been a client of DHC for 29 years and have been consistently satisfied with Gary's consultation, design expertise, and the staff's level of excellent service. The hair is high quality, natural hair and the cut is natural and stylish. I always travel back to see them when needed, as I will not trust anyone else. Performance and durability has been excellent. If you are skepical, go see Gary and you will get straightforward solutions and advice. Highly recommended.



***** austinclient  


I have been a client of Gary's Designer Hair Club for over 20 Years and would happily refer anyman suffering from hair loss to see Gary and his very professional staff. The hair replacement is so lifelike and realistic that recently a friend of my daughter a hairstylist with a wellknown upscale hair salon offered to cut and style my hair. What a compliment to Gary and his staff!...To have someone who works with hair everyday offer to cut and style mine is the ultimate compliment to Gary and his entire staff at DHC.




***** seasonedcitizen  


I have been a customer for 15 years. Service is great and product quality is excellent. In the rare instances of product or service issues, resolution always favored satisfying the customer.



***** Mamoo2 


5 Stars to DHC. You will get great SERVICE and the STAFF are the nicest people you would ever meet. For the products they use EXCELLENT.



***** texguy


I've been a long-term client of DHC and it's been a great experience. The stylists are the best! Very friendly and they go the extra mile to make you look good. Easy scheduling and good products. I often get compliments on my hair from people that don't even know I'm wearing a hair replacement unit. You won't be dissapointed.



***** LloydCB 

International Performing Musician


 I have to travel to Europe and China and Venezuela etc, and when you're attempting to make your connecting flight through an airport with all of the extra security now you do not have the luxury of having a bad hair day. Hands down the friendliest hair stylists, best service, ahead of the curve with the newest technology and the very best deal in the USA for all you receive for the price. I would never go anywhere else.



***** stevetem  


Professional Staff; Great Service; Excellent Product. I am a long time client that would not hesitate to recommend DHC to others.



***** AlexGman  

Outstanding service! The best hair restoration solution in Austin. I was a client of Hair Club for Men for over 20 years in three different cities. When I moved to Austin I was totally disappointed with the level of service at the local Hair Club. After 1 year of mediocre service, I decided to give Aquino's Designer Hair Club a try. What a difference! As someone who's had over 2 decades of experience as a hair restoration client, let me give you two important reasons why I switched to Aquino's Designer Hair Club.

At the top of the list is SERVICE. While any company can sell you a solution for your hair loss, only a highly skilled and experienced stylist can make you look your best. The stylists at Aquino's are absolutely OUTSTANDING! They provide attention to detail like I've never experienced before. My stylist is even more of a perfectionist than I am. I am very pleased with the way I look now.

The other thing that impresses me about Aquino's is they way they do business. There's never any sales pressure. When I go to get my hair cut, I don't appreciate being pressured into upgrading my level of membership like they do at Hair Club for Men. At Aquino's there are no levels, only the best technology upfront and at reasonable prices. I am very satisfied with the quality and different technology options they offer and I'm even more thrilled that I don't have to pay a fortune for it.

I highly recommend this company. My only regret is that I didn't make the switch sooner.




*****  " KT "


I recently switched to Hair of the Arts after 18 years with Hair Club. I am really happy here. The hair stylist (Andrea) is awesome. I am a “picky” person. She listens to the details that you say about the hair system, gives recommendation based on what you like and does based on what you ask. The hair looks more natural that before I was with Hair Club. The system is custom and built according to my style and preference. After 18 years when I moved from Hair Club, I was wondering if I made a good move or not. Now I feel, I made the right move. At Hair Club, the stylist keeps changing a lot and I was not happy about it. I don’t have this problem here. Over all I am happy client here.